Frequently asked questions (FAQs)


IPS Gate is a web-based platform and app for surgeons and their staff. It guides the user safely and efficiently through inquiry, planning and production. Use by patients is not intended.

IPS Gate is a free-of-charge platform and app and free to be used by anyone interested in KLS Martin's Individual Patient Solutions product line. An enquiry does not represent a binding commitment or placement of an order. Costs are only incurred when the user places an order for fabrication of a product.

Ensure that you have activated the automatic system notifications under "Settings“.

If persons already registered in IPS Gate are not displayed under contact search, then these have hidden visibility of their account which means that their user cannot be found in the system due to their "Settings". If you want to be visible for other users in the system, you need to adjust the settings accordingly.

Ensure that you have entered the correct user name (e-mail address) and the correct password. If the problem persists, click on "Forgot password?". This allows to reset your password and log in new. If the login problem continues, please contact our support, number: +49 7463 838 222,

After registering, your account will be checked and will, as a rule, be authorized after 3 working days.

Following successful registration and authorization of your account, you can start entering a case via the red plus on the IPS Gate starting page. This will open the case wizard which guides you through case generation in 6 steps. As soon as all the information is available, the case can be transmitted to KLS Martin.

Ensure that data has been entered in all 4 fields of this mask.

Ensure that at least one anatomical region is marked.

Ensure that a plausible date of surgery has been entered. Until confirmation is received from KLS Martin, this date only represents a desired date. In case you do not know the date of surgery at the moment of case generation just select the current date and continue. This will show that the date of surgery still has to be defined in the clinic.

Yes, when activating the "Create Case" button you will successfully transmit the case to KLS Martin.

After your data have been uploaded, they are checked for quality and usability. If the data can be used for case planning, you will be contacted by an engineer from our IPS Engineering Team with first insights to discuss the further procedure.

When creating a case, you can transmit the data to KLS Martin by direct data upload ("Upload Data Set“), upload delegation ("Delegate Upload“) to selected contact or per "Postal Transfer“.

In principle, all data formats as well as compressed data sets can be uploaded. Folders cannot be transferred by web browsers as a matter of principle. These either need to be compressed or uploaded with individual contents. An upload of executable files is not supported.

1) Patient scans must be current and precise and reflect the anatomical situation adequately. 2) The spatial resolution of the scan should lie between 0.5 - 1.25 mm. 3) For patient-specific implants in the orbital region, we recommend a CT thin layer scan of max. 1.00 mm. 4) For orthognathic case planning, the scans of the plaster models in planned final occlusion as well as distance to each other are required in addition to the patient scan. 5) Send the entire scan incl. all sub-files as DICOM file. 6) Further specifications are given on our scan protocols.

No, data do not need to be compressed. They can be uploaded marked individually or zipped. The upload of compressed data is considerably faster, however, the option of the internal file viewer ("File Preview“) is not supported.

When uploading compressed data, these are not unpacked automatically. As a consequence, the individual data cannot be accessed and does not enable a corresponding "File Preview“.

When uploading compressed data, these are not unpacked automatically. This does not enable access to the patient data and the information needs to be entered manually.

Ensure a suitable pre-selection of relevant data sets. Upload of data which is not required for case planning and simulation, only delays the process.

The delegate must be listed under your accepted contacts. Inquiries can only be processed after upload or postal shipment of the data sets.

The letter generated by IPS Gate is to be printed and attached to the shipment. It is mandatory to use the given address for transmitting the data. The data should be transmitted as timely as possible. The inquiry is to be transmitted to KLS Martin after creating the case.

As soon as the data have been checked, an engineer will start with case planning with respect to the date of surgery. In principle, a first three-dimensional plan or case documentation is prepared and this is forward to you by the engineer via IPS Gate in the "Approval" section. Then you can make any necessary changes and transmit them to the developer. Quite often, joint planning sessions are organized where you and the developer can discuss case planning together directly online on the PC.

KLS Martin mainly uses TeamViewer Webmeeting. TeamViewer Webmeeting can be used online per PC or mobile device. This does not require any software installation. You will receive the appropriate invitation per e-mail shortly before the agreed appointment. Please check in advance whether your clinic's firewall permits the use of TeamViewer Webmeeting and contact your IT department if necessary. Alternatively, planning sessions can also be organized with other programs.

Following the planning session or your indicated changes, the developer will rework case planning according to your wishes and send you the improved case planning together with a written prescription and release form. If you agree with the new planning, upload the signed prescription and release form on IPS Gate in the "Approval" section and click the “Approve” button to advance the status.

Yes, as long as case planning has not been approved "Awaiting Approval“ you can still transmit further data or change requests. Should you have subsequent changes following planning approval, please note this in the Team Chat or contact KLS Martin giving the 7-digit case number: +49 7463 838 222,

Ensure that you have activated the automatic system notifications under "Settings“.

The processing times (data upload to shipping KLS Martin) for individual cases depend on the case indication, data quality as well as cooperation of the user. Production is generally triggered by receipt of the written prescription and case approval signed by the user as well as the corresponding order. Generally, one can allow for the following processing times. 1) Orbita: approx. 4-5 working days 2) Cranium: approx. 5-7 working days 3) Splints for orthognathic surgery: approx. 4-5 working days 4) Implants for orthognathic surgery: approx. 8-9 working days 5) Mandibular reconstruction (without transplant): approx. 6-7 working days 6) Mandibular reconstruction (with transplant): approx. 8-9 working days These values are reference values based on the assumption that case approval and order are placed immediately. Delays in case approval or ordering lead to delays in processing times. First-time users should therefore calculate an extra time buffer of approx. 1-2 weeks.

Highly time-sensitive patient cases can be pulled forward via special case prioritization. In this case, please contact your KLS Martin sales representative or contact KLS Martin: +49 7463 838 222,, to discuss your needs and the further procedure.

Correct. These products are customized solutions in the meaning of the European Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC Article 1, Section d) and do not require CE marking. The requested service is manufactured exclusively upon written prescription for a patient with known name and can therefore not be validated as part of a clinical post-marketing surveillance study. Prior to realization of the request, the user is given a non-binding realization proposal and a price offer. Only the treating physician is aware of the overall situation and can therefore make the final decision on execution of the customized solution as part of his/her overall therapeutic considerations. All references by employees or representatives of the KLS Martin Group, no matter whether in written or verbal form, can only serve the purpose of assisting the treating physician in decision finding.

Please contact your appropriate KLS Martin sales representative for pricing information.

All materials used which come into contact with the patient or the user, demonstrate good biological tolerability in accordance with DIN EN ISO 10993-1. The resin materials used for the anatomical models are not biocompatible. Anatomical models may therefore not be implanted or come into contact with the patients.

Patient-specific implants, anatomical models as well as planning aids are supplied non-sterile as a matter of principle and must therefore pass through a processing procedure with suitable cleaning, disinfection and sterilization methods. Patient-specific implants can also be supplied sterile upon request. Please note that this entails longer processing times and additional costs. Absorbable patient-specific implants are always supplied sterile. Detailed information can be found in the appropriate instructions for use.

If a non-sterile supplied patient-specific implant is intended for a repeat use in the same patient, then one-time professional reprocessing according to the instructions for use is possible. Assessment of the condition and the target properties of the implant as well as release for re-implantation after processing are the responsibility of the treating surgeon. Patient-specific implants with absorbable components are excluded from reprocessing.